now what, post Emma2016

How to process the experience from being a part of, contributing to, engaging in, responding in, responding with, …. I can’t find the words to explain what it was. the experience continues to resonate and I find myself skulking in facebook to find current response or comment from another member of this years tribe. I hope to hold on to reverberation in kinship from EMMA. Deep sigh. what next, What next?

Other than the work reality that is back on, I am trying to figure out my next step in art. Sorry, before I go into the plan for tomorrow I will show some of the pieces I had a hand in. Being a part of collaboration, I got to play a small role in many pieces. Great to be able to help out.

Played with copper and even made a glass bowl! I hammered, was a striker!!! (love, love, love being a striker). Plasma torched mild steel, hardened steel and aluminum (or aluminium for my friend). Raised and sunk copper. Sewed with wire. Hammered some more, hehehe. Welded a wee bit. And most of all, enjoyed the camaraderie of highly talented individuals that shared their kindness, knowledge and friendship. mmm, my heart and soul thank them all.

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