50 year jump

Seems that I am about to jump that chasm in life, into my 50’s. Just saying it, writing 50 seems monumental and surreal. I come to this moment, this day, this mark in time, as a completely fallible human still learning lessons, still recognizing my impact or imprint in this world, and still expanding on so many levels. At this moment, through the chasm, I will be kinder to myself and forgive my younger self for all the pain I have played a part in. Instead of looking at what I have done wrong and the constant reruns in my emotional brain, I will seek to look at what I learnt over feeling the remorse of injuring childhood friends or family. As the sum of all the success I have had, all the failures, and all the mistakes I am looking forward to the whole.

As I reminisce on my life, my gratitude is to all my friends and my family, new and old, and the connections and experiences we have had together. Thank you for being a part of my journey. At this juncture, I am honored to come into an art community that I feel are my kindred and have supported me on many levels.

On this milestone, weird numerical moment in my life, I throw it out to the world in an open letter, thank you for everything and to all.

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